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Don’t let Stress from Foreclosure Stop you from enjoying your life!


Don’t let Stress from Foreclosure Stop you from enjoying your life!   We’ll Help You get a Fresh Start Today, But it is up to you to Act! Think that your financial health is ruined for good? You’re dead wrong. Let us help you the way we’ve helped so many others get beyond the headaches of a problem house. We …

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Attention Daytona Beach Real Estate Investors!


Attention Daytona Beach Investors! Free Special One Time Webinar Reveals… 5 Ways To Find Tons Of Investment Properties At Rock Bottom Prices Dear Friend, If you’re an investor in the Daytona Beach or Flagler Beach area  looking to get incredible deals on investment homes in today’s market, attend this webinar! You’ll discover how to get the very best deal on …

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3 Ways to Sell Your Problem Property NOW!


Facing Foreclosure in Daytona Beach? Here are 3 ways to Sell your Problem Property Now!   While attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contradictory information contained in this document. This document is not intended as legal, investment, or accounting advice. The purchaser …

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Don’t Run From Foreclosure!


WARNING: IT COULD BE THE WORST MISTAKE YOU EVER MAKE!   This may be hard to believe, but lenders are caught in a web of their own making, and taking back your property is a net LOSS for them, not a net gain. Bottom line, your lender doesn’t want your house. No matter how many problems it may be causing …

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The Standardized Short Sale / HAFA II


Are you prepared for the new changes? The Federal Housing Finance Agency has directed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to align existing short sales programs into one standard short sale program and issue clear guidelines to mortgage servicers.  With  these  changes,  Fannie  Mae  and  Freddie  Mac  will  allow  homeowners  with eligible hardships to sell their home in a short sale …

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New Relocation Incentives for Underwater Borrowers


Relocation Assistance: The borrower may be entitled to an incentive payment of $3,000 from Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac to assist with relocation expenses following successful completion of a short sale unless: 1. The borrower is required to contribute funds or execute a promissory note. 2. The borrower has Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders and receives a Dislocation Allowance …

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Delegated Authority in Short Sales


Who has Authority to Approve a Short Sale You might be surprised at the answer. The New Standardized Short Sale program developed by FHFA and passed down to the GSE’s grants the servicers more authority to approve a short sale and unleashes them from the bondage that the GSE’s once had over them. The authority to approve a short sale …

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Eminent Default in Short Sales

Do you have short sale listings but hate to deal with Banks?

Eminent Default in Short Sales Real Estate Agents-Do you have Short Sale Listings but Hate to Deal with Banks The new Standardized Short Sale Program AKA HAFA II effective 11-1-2012 Changes everything. Sellers no longer have to be in default to qualify for a short sale. They simply need to be in Eminent default. So what does Eminent Default mean? …

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Florida officials tackle foreclosure crisis!


It was deemed America’s new foreclosure capital in 2012, with a 53% increase in filings last year, but Florida officials wanted a change. So they took the bull by the horns. Read More

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Who really committed Fraud during the Meltdown

The Untouchables Take a look at the latest video on Frontline regarding who really committed Fraud during the latest Financial Meltdown.

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