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What is a Pre-Foreclosure Investor Buy Out


Talk of “Pre-foreclosure Investor Buyouts” has started cropping up more and more in real estate investing circles, on blogs, and in the news. Surprisingly though, some have attached a negative connotation to the term, which is odd given the fact that the process is quite straight forward, and is probably one of the best ways for the four key players …

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In a Perfect World a Pre-foreclosure Investor Buy Out Can…


Introduction In my previous article, “What is a Pre-foreclosure Investor Buyout,” I gave you an overview of the process from the perspectives of all of the players’ party to such transactions: investors, real estate agents, property owners facing foreclosure, and end-buyers. In this article I’ll explore Pre-foreclosure Investor Buyouts (PFIB’s) more specifically from the property owner’s perspective. As a quick recap, …

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