Another Short Sale Approval

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Another Short Sale Closed!

Seller Received $9,500.00 in Relocation Assistance!

After falling behind on my mortgage payments due to the bad economy affecting my job/income. I spent several years of trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with my mortgage company to keep my home. I had finally decided to let it go into foreclosure.

I was always a day late and dollar short for all the so called “helpful” programs offered by the mortgage company and/or government. The mortgage company was difficult to deal with, never providing helpful information despite their masked attempts to do so.

The legal firms I researched wanted money up front from me with no guarantee of the outcome. Online reviews indicated others had poor experiences with paying money and then not being able to get answers on how their case was progressing.

I also dealt with a non profit assistance group which required the same massive paperwork I had been handling myself with the same negative outcome so why did I need them to play middleman – taking a day off work to drive to their seminar 100 miles away with a “guaranteed answer in the same day” resulted in me losing a day of pay, spending money on gas, and not receiving the negative answer until four months later.

This company required that I have an appointment to talk to someone. Unfortunately the call was accidently disconnected. I was unable to reach my person immediately after and had to schedule a new appointment and start all over.

All of these attempts were affecting my health with the stress.

Then I received a postcard from Real Estate Liquidators Group LLC  which said they would purchase my house in “AS IS” condition. This appealed to me as all other short sale offers required “broom clean” and I had not been taking as good of care of the house as I should have knowing I was probably going to lose it.

Doug’s team including Lise Forte at Ocean Luxury Realty and Jack Morris (my negotiator) were great to work with. They dealt with the mortgage company on my behalf and I no longer had the stress I had endured for years.

Doug’s team knew the legalities and lingo to motivate the mortgage company.  Not only did they pressure the mortgage company to finally close the deal after months of delays, they negotiated a tidy sum for me of almost $9,600 in moving assistance.

Working with Doug and his team was the best decision I could have made –

I only wish I had learned of them earlier.


If you are in need of assistance with your foreclosure, give us a call.


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