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Attention Mortgage Professionals

Create a new profit center for yourself while helping your former clients!

Recently a colleague who happened to be a mortgage professional contacted me asking what we could do to help them with their clients who were unable to qualify for a refinance of their home. They felt sorry for the homeowners that they helped in the past who were now underwater which includes over 40% of homeowners in Florida according to realty track.

They wrote the following letter which I wanted to share with all of you;


Dear Friend, 

Last week I as contemplating real estate strategies that will be effective in the changing marketplace we face in 2013.  I wanted to select a suitable strategy to send your way, our customer, to express our appreciation for your patronage. 

Of the numerous strategies and articles I reviewed, I couldn’t find a single effective strategy that was substantial enough to express our heart felt feelings and appreciation to you as a customer. After all, it is customers like you that helped us to send our two children through college and build our business to be one of the most successful mortgage brokerages in the city. Frankly, I decided to say thank you in a very special way – with actions, not words. 

Let me explain. 

One of my dearest friends, a local real estate investor, also happens to be hands down the most qualified short sale specialist I have ever met.  He has preferred lender status with almost every major lending institution in the United States and years of loss mitigation experience.  In just the past 2-1/2 months, and please keep in mind this was during the holiday season, he turned two of my “turn down” applications into listings, one that has closed already and one due to close in February!

He has an entire team in place that is cordial, well informed and ready to assist with any listings, applicants, or previous turn downs you may want to send his way.  Please be assured that his organization knows the short sales business inside and out and they have the clout to get your short sales approved and closed. 

But more importantly, they have developed an incredible Realtor short sale referral program, which will create profits from clients you are otherwise turning away.  He can take clients with no equity and poor credit and turn them into listings.  His company charges nothing to you or your client for their service drives the entire process on your behalf and assures realtors a full commission.  I have personally watched him resurrect almost a dozen dead deals of my own and my clients not only thank me for sending him their way, but also rave about his professionalism and genuine sense of caring. 

Recently, as we were talking one afternoon, I explained how I wanted to do something very special for my friends and customers in this troubled market that would express my gratitude for your business. I further explained how I wanted to do something that would benefit you and thus express my thanks with ACTIONS rather than just WORDS. 

After a bit of “arm twisting” he has agreed to do a private short sale presentation to your entire staff.  During this brief power point presentation he will explain exactly how to start salvaging business you are otherwise chasing out your front door.  He will show how to create a new income stream with short sales from all your turned down clients.  He has agreed to do this on a limited basis, so please call him soon.  In doing this I am saying Thank you to you in my own special way. Since he is providing you with the best-qualified short sales outsourcing service I believe that you will continue to be his customer for years to come.  

After reading this letter, please call Douglas Heise on his personal cell number at 386-385-8185.  His company, Real Estate Liquidators Inc, will provide free of charge an eye opening short sale presentation as well as VIP treatment from my friend. 

Since almost every Realtor is turning down business due to lack of equity or credit, I felt this to be a much better way of saying thank you than any card we may ever send.  


Name withheld for privacy reason.

If you are a local mortgage professional and want to help your former clients please feel free to use the above letter or something similar or complete the brochure below and fax or email it back to us at 386-310-1806 or email us at We can help you create a new profit center from leads you are currently marketing for but are unable to assist.

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