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Real Estate Liquidators Inc. has been providing providing Private Market Solutions to help solve the nations housing crisis since 2007. We have helped dozens of homeowners who were desperately in search of a solution to their problem properties when facing some of their most difficult financial challenges.

As a proud member of the “Distressed Property Coalition” a DC Lobbying effort that was formed to represent the interests of Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Investors, buyers and sellers in order to provide Private Market Solutions to the nation’s housing recovery. Douglas Heise has pledged to operate with complete honesty, integrity and fairly in an open and honest manner.

Real Estate Liquidators has developed proprietary solutions that have a proven track record of working and getting results while operating in the interest of “Full and Complete Disclosure” to all parties involved. With a long history of helping struggling homeowners and real estate agents understand the complex nature of short sales. Douglas Heise has established himself as the go to person when it comes to providing private market solutions to the local housing crisis.

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Investment Opportunities

“Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy


Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

– Warren Buffett

There has never been a better time to get involved in the real estate investment business. Regardless if you are looking to complete a full blown rehab yourself or you are looking for passive investment opportunities on great cash flowing properties. We have the right property for you.

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Banks are gearing up for their next wave of new foreclosure starts.


With the MERS mess and Robo Signing settlements behind us the banks are ramping up their next wave of new foreclosure filings. Foreclosure inventory in November fell as requirements from the national mortgage settlement “influence the pace of first-time foreclosure starts, Lender Processing Services(LPS) stated in a recent report. Read More.

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”I have to have a raise in my commission,”


”I have to have a raise in my commission,” the agent said to his manager. “There are three other companies after me.”  “Is that so?” asked the manager. “What other companies are after you?”  “The electric company, the telephone company, and the gas company.” Are you focusing your efforts to capitalize on the biggest trend in real estate in the …

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Who do you want Negotiating your Short Sale?


  The Florida Debt Negotiations Act states that only licensees should handle negotiations. Even then they should only do so if they are using the proper documentation in compliance with Florida Statute 501.1377 regardless if they are charging a fee. Licensed Attorney’s Mortgage Brokers  Real Estate Agents operating within their normal scope of duties in order to facilitate a sale …

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Challenging the “Right to Stand”


Who holds the note?   If you are involved in a foreclosure lawsuit you might want to know who actually holds the note. Often times when a lender forecloses they are not always the actual note holder which means you can challenge the foreclosure by requesting that the lender produce the note. Often times the actual (Wet) note get’s lost …

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Prove it or Loose It!

Foreclosure Notice Two

If you don’t own my mortgage you better not foreclose! Challenging the right to stand! Florida Rep. Introduces Bill to Expedite Foreclosure Process The state with the highest foreclosure rate in the nation may experience a change in its foreclosure laws that will help speed up the process in order to reduce the backlog of properties making their way through …

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Be Prepared: New Fannie and Freddie Guidelines Are Here

Cardhouse Postcard

  In June 2012, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, at the direction of their parent, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, implemented new guidelines designed to streamline and accelerate the short sale process. And most industry observers expect this will create a significant upward spike in short sales. The guidelines initially focus on two of the major complaints about short sales: …

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Triple Dip in Homes Prices for 2013

The term “triple-dip” emerged in a Clear Capital report a couple of weeks ago, and Barclays says its analysis corroborates the idea. The research firm warns that home prices will likely slip another 6 to 7 percent over the coming winter months. That would put median prices at a new low for this cycle, in fact about 3 percent below …

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Real Estate Liquidators was established in 2007 to help assist homeowners in getting a fresh new start in life. Please take a moment to review our process and read our seller testimonials. Many sellers are now getting $3,000 to $30,000 for incentives to complete a sale. Give us a call for more information at 386-385-8185.