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Real Estate Coach, Mentor and Attorney

Jeff Watson

A nationally known and well respected short sale expert and co-founder of the Distressed Property Coalition. Jeff Watson was the creator of the original Option Contract Method of getting short sale completed using full disclosure to all parties involved. As a trusted adviser and consultant to the FBI’s fraud prevention board he is on the cutting edge of what is going on in this industry. 


Legal Counsel

Maja Sander Bowler

Cobb and Cole

Our local counsel who handles any questions you may have.

Voice: (386) 323-9219
Facsimile: (386) 944-7960
Assistant: Sharon Rosati
Daytona Beach Office
150 Magnolia Ave
Post Office Box 2491
Daytona Beach, FL 32115-2491

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 Mortgage Providers

Portfolio and Private Money Lenders

Contact John Lynch 386-760-0607



The Distressed Property Coalition

We are proud members of the Distressed Property Coalition a DC Lobbying group created to protect the interests of Private Investors , Brokers and Agents across the country. The DPC was instrumental in effecting the most recent changes that effect how GSE’s handle short sales also referred to the Standardized Short Sale Program or HAFA II.

The Distressed Property Coalition is a private advocacy effort dedicated to private market solutions, smaller government, and protecting taxpayers. The DPC educates and advocates in support of policies consistent with these goals to achieve a private market solution to the housing crisis.