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Morgan Stanley’s take on the mobile shift that’s happening right now is that ….

“The Rapid Ramp-up of Mobile Internet Usage will be a Boom to Consumers and Some Companies Will Likely Win Big, While Many Will Still Wonder What Just Happened.”

In 2012, Having an App for YOUR Small Business is more important than having a website!

  • 1 out of 2 people over 35 have a smart phone
  • 66% of Americans age 25-34 own a smart phone
  • 93% of all smart phone users keep their smart phone within 3 feet of their device at all times. Putting businesses with apps directly at their fingertips 24/7.
  • Based on a Survey by the Luxury Institute, 64% of Affluent app users say they view brands with mobile app more favorably.
  • Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas spent over 50K building their app so that customers could view and book their rooms directly through their smart phones.
  • 89% os smart phone users use their smart phone throughout the day for things like using downloaded apps (69%) and social netowrking (59%).

More people use their smart phones than pc’s or websites. Your customers used to be tethered to their PC ( Which also means that they were tetherd to their home) in order to find the information they were looking for on their favorite organizations, golf clubs, churches etc. With mobile devices and apps becoming so prevalent, that’s no longer the case. Now they can quickly and easily get the information that they are looking for on the go, whenever and wherever the want it.

No other industry to date has developed and infiltrated the market as quickly as the mobile industry. This is history in the making and this is your chance to be a part of it and , more importantly, to reap the rewards by being one of the first adopters of this simple, powerful technolgy.

A major shift is happening in the world, whether you want it to or not, and the less involved you are with mobile apps the less market share you will have.

Mobile is not where the world is going;
MOBILE is where the world is- RIGHT NOW!!

Apps are the way that smart phone users have determined they prefer to obtain and digest information. Apps are convenient. Apps are an incredible tool, better than social media, better than email, better than anything else out there. They create an incredible platform for you to interactively connect with your customers.






There is a difference between “Mobile Apps for the Web” and “Native Mobile Apps”
Mobile Apps for the web is what our competitors are selling. They are not much more than an embedded web site that is viewable through the smart phone with some limited functionality for mobile devices. There is no App store for the mobile web app which makes it harder for users to find your app.

Native Mobile Apps however are specifically built for the platform that they are being used on such as an Android, I-Phone, Blackberry or an I-Pad. They are available through the Android market place or I-Store and because of that they go through rigorous testing before they are available. Did you know that the I-Store rejects more apps than they accept? That is because of the rigorous testing that is done before they make the app available. Because native mobile apps are built specifically for the platform for which they are hosted on (Android / I-Phone) they can take advantage of all of the features that the phone was designed for.

You can create Push Text Notifications, QR Codes, Use GEO Fencing to send your customers gps coupons when they are in the vicinity of your business or create Customer Loyalty programs and reward your customers for the number of times they visit your business or the amount of money they spend while they are there.

These are the marketing strategies that are being used that are allowing some companies to already see a 325% increase in their marketing effectiveness!



Mobile has taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their smart phones. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their Smart Phone. With our solutions, you can engage, inform, and impress your customers. We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of our check in coupon system.

– It has been projected that mobile devices will overtake desktops by 2015
– Mobile is the fastest growing industry… EVER
– Mobile app industry is expected to grow 1000% to 58 billion by 2015

Our mobile app solution is completely customizable, so you can design your app specifically around your business and how you want your customers to interact with you. Here are just a few of our mobile app features:

Home Tab

The Home tab is a function that showcases an image or logo that gives your customers GPS directions, direct calling ability, and the “Tell A Friend” function to help create a viral buzz and spread the word about your business’s new App through Facebook, Twitter, and Email. It also allows you to create quick sub tabs on the home screen for easy access!

-Wow your customers, market your business and make a mobile presence

-Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily

-Create a social media buzz with our “Tell A Friend” feature

-Give customers GPS directions from anywhere

Around Us Tab

An Around Us tab is a great way to display relevant locations to your business from within your App. You’re able to provide GPS Directions and a brief description about why you chose to include the location.

Give customers turn-by-turn GPS directions directly to anywhere from wherever they are in the world.

Call Us Tab

The Call Us Tab will allow customers to directly contact your any of your business phone lines quickly and easily.

Contact Tab

A Contact tab is the best way to give a customer your location and contact information so they never have to use a search engine to find you again. Display general information such as the businesses location, a link to your website, phone number/ direct calling, a contact email address and operating hours, also a brief description of your business.

Direction View Tab

Give customers turn-by-turn GPS directions directly to your business from anywhere in the world.

Email Photo Tab

An email photo tab is a tab function that allows a user to take a picture and send it directly to an email address specified by you. For example, you can create an email photo tab titled “Party Cam” and have the photo emailed directly to you to place on your restaurants facebook page or customer photo wall. The uses for this tab are limitless. You can customize the image background, email, and email subject.

Events Tab

Provide up-to-date information about all of your business events and specials with an easily customizable events calendar.

Fan Wall Tab

A fan wall tab is a tab function that allows your customers to log in via Facebook or Twitter to comment on the App wall for your business. This wall can be used for customer praise, fun, feedback, or connecting, the uses are endless!

A fan wall tab is a great way for your customers to make comments about your business. These comments can be good or bad so make sure to monitor what your customers are saying!

The most common use is simply titling the tab “Fan Wall”.

Food Ordering Tab

Allow customers to order food on the go

– More orders, More money spent per order, More repeat customers, Increase restaurant bottom line and Direct return on investment

Robust mobile food ordering system

– Allow customers to order from any smartphone

– Receipt printer integration available

– Online food ordering widget included

– Customize every aspect of the food order

– Options for food delivery, take out, or dining in

– Manage and receive orders online

– And much more…

GPS Coupons Tab

The GPS Coupon tab is a way for businesses to reward frequent customers with incentives for repeat business. It works by reading the mobile phone’s GPS coordinates and then checks to see if they are at the same coordinates as your businesses location! When they accumulate enough check-ins they get their check-in incentive (i.e. free drinks, food, discount, etc!).

The best uses of a check-in system are to build loyalty with customers and also to offer an incentive program for repeat business. Also, no more dealing with hole-punched paper cards! Let the customer do it themselves through the check-in system!

You get to set how many “check-ins” are needed to unlock your incentive and how many hours or days before they are allowed to check in once again.

Offer customers special discounts and coupons for using your app and being a loyal customer. Offers can be “unlocked” based on your own criteria.

-Provide customers with coupons right to their phones

-Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers

Image Gallery Tab

The image gallery tab is a native view of images on your mobile device. This is an awesome way to display just about any images of your business inside your app.

An image gallery tab is a great way to natively display images inside your app.

This can be applied for just about anything you can think of.

Highly recommended for apps with a large amount of photos to display.

Info Tab (1-tier)

A 1-Tier info tab can be thought of as a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. This “what you see is what you get” editor is a great way to display information about your business.

The best uses for a 1-tier info tab is when you need to display a single item of information.

 For example, if you have a tab titled “Specials” you can have a single page that lists this information. The possibilities for 1-tier info tabs are endless!

Info Tab (2-tier)

A 2-tier info tab can be thought of as a static HTML page as well. It is categorized in two tiers. For example: ITEMS -> CONTENT.

The best uses for a 2-tier info tab is when you need to display multiple items of information.

For example, if you have a tab titled “Menu” you can have a multiple food items categorized dynamically inside your mobile app.

Info Tab (3-tier)

A 3-Tier info tab can be thought of tiered category of items with the ending being a static HTML page. Inside this tab you can insert just about anything that you can insert on a regular web page. This is a great way to display information about your business.

It is categorized in three tiers. For example: Menu items: Cheeseburgers -> The types of cheeseburgers offered -> info about the specific burger

For items, you can list just about anything. For the content page, you can insert anything that you can insert with regular HTML.

In the pictures below, you will see how the progression works.

Loyalty Tab

The Loyalty Tab is a Mobile stamp card system,

Reward customers for repeat visits

Increase customer loyalty by encouraging repeat visits or purchases by rewarding customers with coupons and helping to increase the direct return on investment.

Offer customers special discounts and coupons for using your app and being a loyal customer. Offers can be “unlocked” based on your own criteria.

-Provide customers with coupons right to their phones

-Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers

Mailing List Tab

A mailing list can be visualized as a rolodex for a newsletter. A newsletter is a form of communication that organizations use to inform their customers of news and changes they make. A mailing list and newsletter is crucial for a company that has updates and news, especially for periodic updates. Use this tab to collect your clients name and email addresses

Mailing lists have become essential for all business. Arguably the staple of communicating information from organization to customer, mailing lists can be used in many ways.

Examples are:

•             Newsletters

•             Change of product/ services offered

•             Periodic updates and notifications

•             Coupons and special offers

•             Collecting users information

Messages Tab

The messages tab is the push notification portal, a way for you to send direct messages to your customers! This tab stores all of your previously sent messages to allow your customers to view messages later in case they had missed them initially.

-A great way to update your customers on specials, deals, events or anything else! As soon as you send the message out your customers will get it right on their smart phones!

-Send instant messages whenever you want. While only between 4% and 10% of emails get opened, push notifications are read 97% of the time

-Keep customers informed with business news and deals

Mortgage Calculator Tab

A mortgage Calculator is a tool that allows you to calculate a monthly repayment using variables such as loan amount, loan term, and interest rate. The mortgage calculator will then return the results based on the information you input.

Mortgage calculators would be best implemented in real estate apps as well as banking apps.

Notepad Tab

Allow customers to track notes in your app, ideal for fitness clubs, lawyers, doctors and even auto shops to set reminders and track information directly thru your app!

Podcast Tab

A Podcast tab feature is an excellent way for any business to display their media content on a mobile device. All you need is your existing podcast link!

This feature is a great tool for displaying video or audio podcasts

QR Coupons Tab

A QR coupon is closely related to a barcode and scanner. This technology utilizes your customer’s mobile device for its camera, which scans the code that we provide for you and can be changed at any time. By scanning this code a given number of times, it will unlock certain coupons that you set. Offer customers special discounts and coupons for using your app and being a loyal customer. Offers can be “unlocked” based on your own criteria.

-Provide customers with coupons right to their phones

-Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers

If your organization has special offers or coupons, such as restaurants or services like salons or skydiving, you should be taking advantage of QR Coupons. These coupons can be fun and entertaining to the end user if implemented correctly. You should post the QR code in different locations around your establishment, such as by the cashiers or on the door when entering. QR coupons also help increase word of mouth advertisement of your firm by adding in a new and exciting way for consumers to connect to your business.

QR Coupons are the new stamp card. Instead of getting a piece of paper with stamps each time they buy your service or product they can now just use their mobile device and your app.

QR Scanner Tab

Scans any URL specific QR Code and can be customized with a personal logo in the tab background.

RSS Feed Tab

RSS feeds are common and popular form of displaying news and information. RSS feeds load a web page that will consistently be updated without you ever having to change the information within the app. Its a new form of sharing information and can now be integrated easily on your app.

Updated with current news, links to articles, special offers, and all other types of useful information, your RSS feed can be a tab that your users check multiple times a day.

The best use for an RSS feed tab is to keep your clients updated on important information regarding your business or industry. It is great for helping connect customers to your firm and creates dynamic content within your app!

Shopping Cart Tab

Shopping Cart Tab is an excellent tool we have built in an effort to help small businesses monetize their app!

The uses for it are truly endless.

You can either create a new shopping cart using GoMobile Solutions or integrate your existing one using your API key!

Sports Stats Tab

A Sports Stats Tab is a function that allows you to include a counter inside your app. This counter can be used for tons of things and also allows you to email the results to an email specified by you and also include an email subject of your choice.

Anything that requires counting! This tab immediately lends its self to any sports related activities!

You can get pretty creative with this tab from game scores to counting drinks or even create a word game out of it. It’s up to you!

Tell Friend Tab

Build viral buzz and get people talking about you fast with built-in sharing capabilities with Facebook, Twitter, and email

Tip Calculator Tab

A tip calculator is extremely useful for restaurants, dining or food service delivery apps. This calculator allows the user to input the price of the bill, the tip percentage they wish to pay, and the number of paying parties. The calculator will then display the sum that each party should pay to split the bill.

A tip calculator is best used for dining applications. However if your company offers any type of product or service where tipping is commonplace, then adding it to your app can only be a convenience.

Voice Recording Tab

The Voice Recording tab is a feature that now allows your users to record and then send in voice notes regarding your business or information you request from them.

It’s very easy to setup and very useful for some industries!

Web Site Tab

A Web Site tab is used to display different web sites without having the user leave the app. This feature becomes very handy when promoting ones Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, OpenTable, or any other websites that do not contain Flash. When using this feature, all that is needed is the direct web address which you want displayed. This tab function is extremely useful and flexible. The uses for web page tabs are limitless. Any webpage can be easily integrated into your app by just inputting the correct web link. The most popular uses are Facebook, Twitter, Opentable, Youtube, Soundcloud, and PDF Menus. Any website will work unless it contains Flash.

Wufoo Form Tab

This tab is a breakthrough in online form creation. When you are looking for your customers to submit clean, to the point forms with ease, we have you covered. From quote forms, consultation forms, comments suggestion forms, and submission of contact information, the technology to customize the data you need to turn it into useful information is easier than ever before.

YouTube Channel Tab

A Youtube Channel tab is used to display your businesses direct Youtube channel in a clean and clear way on mobile devices without having the user leave the App

The uses for this are pretty limitless.
Here are some ideas:

Restaurant – party cam, fan cam, guest cam, basically allow customers to upload photos directly to the restaurant to show how much fun they had at dinner. Throw in incentives such as being featured on your facebook or website under customer of the week etc. Use our built in CUSTOMER LOYALTY SYSTEM to reward your customers for frequent purchases. Use the COUPON FEATURE to keep them coming back. Use our built in ORDERING SYSTEM TO ALLOW CUSTOMERS TO ORDER DIRECTLY THROUGH THE APP.

Lawyer – accident cam, legal cam, lawyer cam, basically allow clients to send in photos relating to their case or to start a case.

News or Blog – news cam, tip cam, basically allow users to submit a story tip with a photo attached.

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