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Luna Bella New Smyrna Beach, Florida

$235k Total Debt / Bank Approved for $210k

Full Release / No Deficiency / No Seller Contributions

Repairs $10,000 +

1 Front

1 front

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Sunny Road Ormond Beach, Florida

Another successful short sale closing in ormond beach.

Another successful short sale closing in Ormond Beach.

After after falling behind in my mortgage payments due to the bad economy affecting my job/income. I spent several years of trying unsuccessfully to negotiate with my mortgage company to keep my home. I had finally decided to let it go into foreclosure.

I was always a day late and dollar short for all the so called “helpful” programs offered by the mortgage company and/or government. The mortgage company was difficult to deal with, never providing helpful information despite their masked attempts to do so.

The legal firms I researched wanted money up front from me with no guarantee of the outcome. Online reviews indicated others had poor experiences with paying money and then not being able to get answers on how their case was progressing.

I also dealt with a non profit assistance group which required the same massive paperwork I had been handling myself with the same negative outcome so why did I need them to play middleman – taking a day off work to drive to their seminar 100 miles away with a “guaranteed answer in the same day” resulted in me losing a day of pay, spending money on gas, and not receiving the negative answer until four months later. This  company required that I have an appointment to talk to someone but when the call was accidently disconnected I was unable to reach my person immediately after and had to schedule a new appointment. All of these attempts were affecting my health with the stress.

Then I received a postcard from Douglas at Real Estate Liquidators Group LLC  which said they would purchase my house in “AS IS” condition. This appealed to me as all other short sale offers required “broom clean” and I had not been taking as good of care of the house as I should have knowing I was probably going to lose it.

Doug’s team including Lise Forte/Ocean Luxury Realty and Jack Morris of Preico Home Solutions (my negotiator) were great to work with. They dealt with the mortgage company on my behalf and I no longer had the stress I had endured for years.

Doug’s team knew the legalities and lingo to motivate the mortgage company.  Not only did they pressure the mortgage company to finally close the deal after months of delays, they negotiated a tidy sum for me of almost $10,000 in moving assistance.

Working with Doug, Lise, and Jack was the best decision I could have made –

I only wish I had learned of them earlier.



Original Mortgage owed to Wachovia was in the amount of  $289,000.00
Settled for $83,000.00 

Back taxes owed for a period of two years in the amount of $8,000.00

Solar Pool Lien owed in the amount of $5,300.00

Total Debt Owed on the Property = $302,300.00


By working with Real Estate Liquidators Inc all liens and mortgages were negotiated down $202,000.00 and the lender agreed to a settlement of $100,0000.00 and avoided the costs of pursuing a foreclosure. The seller received a full release with no promissory note, seller contributions or worries about a deficiency judgment. She salvaged her credit and received a fresh new start in life!

The original Approval Letter issued by Wachovia included the lenders right to pursue a “Deficiency Judgment” at some point in the future.

This was unacceptable to both us and the seller so we continued working the file.

Because the seller was working with an experienced investor,
we were able to reach a settlement that included a full release. 😉

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(The Seller was a Real Estate Agent)

Thanks so much for the great job you did short selling my house. Even in this terrible market, you managed to get my house sold in a really short time and I didn’t have to do anything. Between you and my realtor, everything went really smoothly.  

I had heard some really horrible stories about short sales but not with you & my sale! I recommend you highly, just tell them to call me!!

Thanks again,

Karen H

Ormond Beach Florida – Freed from Foreclosure!

Agent made over 16k on this Transaction


Doug, I must say, as a Realtor® and CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert), I am impressed with your short sale Program. I’ve been specializing in short sales for over 2 years now and know the ins and outs as well as the time and skill necessary to bring a short sale to a successful close.

I’ve been approached several times by other so-called “investors” who have been attempting to facilitate a version of the program you are successfully working.

It is obvious to me that you have done your homework and have taken great care and diligence in setting up your program and implementing the process. As you know I was more than skeptical at first, however, now that we have completed our first sale together, I can honestly say I am extremely pleased with the entire program/process.

I found everything to be very well planned and researched, completely above-board and legitimate, which is often an issue with many of the “copy cat” short sale programs currently out there. 

Having come from a legal real estate background, I was pleased to see full disclosure in every aspect of the program and the true letter and spirit of the law regarding short sales and the Foreclosure Recovery Act being followed.

I am happy to refer you to my short sale clients and to have the opportunity to work with you on many more transactions!


Original Mortgage owed to Bank of America was in the amount of  $395,000.00

Reduced and Paid in Full by Real Estate Liquidators Inc.



Original First Mortgage owed to Suntrust was in the amount of  $150,000.00

A Second Mortgage existed to Citimortgage for $27,000.00

This property carried a second lien that was already charged off and in collections.

Both were successfully negotiated and the seller received a full release.



First Mortgage to Sun Trust in the Amount of $284,000.00
Settled for  $120,0006.24

Second Mortgage in the amount of $80,000.00
Settled for $3,000.00

Both paid in full by Real Estate Liquidators LLC


To whom it may concern,

After a very difficult divorce, my martial home was ordered short-sold by the court as the best possible option considering the debt incurred during the marriage.  The market value of the property was approximately $170,000 after purchasing the home 5 years prior for $330,000.  An additional $30,000 was invested for a pool and home improvements.  After I had moved out the pool was left in an unusable condition by my ex and the house was a mess.  The total amount owed on the house was $330,000 which after subtracting the market value left a deficiency of $160,000.  Faced with a pending foreclosure I hired a local agent to handle the short-sale.  She brought in Doug Heise of Real Estate Liquidators to assist in the effort.  Having moved to Houston for work, my ex never told me about the foreclosure summon she was served with until a week before the auction.  Doug and his team were able to stay the foreclosure and successfully close the short-sale a few months later with no deficiency judgment and no land tax liability.  The tax liability on the 1099 income in the amount forgiven by the bank will also be waived by the IRS as part of the Mortgage forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007.  The end result was a new start and no money owed.  They did an outstanding job and drastically reduced the stress associated with this very difficult situation.  I would highly recommend their services. 



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