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Does Bankruptcy Mean a Fresh Start in Daytona Beach, Florida?


How does Bankruptcy Affect the Foreclosure Process. Many times we get phone calls from sellers in Daytona Beach, Florida who think that just because they have filed a bankruptcy that they no longer need to worry about their properties or the foreclosures that have been initiated. This could not be further from the truth. Often times divorce attorneys and bankruptcy …

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Foreclosures Now vs The Great Depression

FL Foreclosure

  The San Francisco Chronicle notes that it is difficult to keep track of foreclosure rates now … let alone during the Great Depression:  “Foreclosure rates of the late 2000’s are often compared with those of the Great Depression, which took place through the first half of the 1930s. However, there were no public or private agencies keeping track of …

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No Equity and Need to Sell?


What should you do if you have no equity, can not sell and you want to salvage your credit while avoiding foreclosure.   DO NOTHING PAY ARREARS BANKRUPTCY DEED IN LIEU REFINANCE BRING MONEY TO THE CLOSING REPAYMENT PLAN / LOAN MOD SELL WITH A REALTOR SELL IT ON YOUR OWN Option #1 Do Nothing– Let the property go into …

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Action Alert! Fast Tracking Foreclosures!


This gives the definition of “Fast Tracking” a brand new meaning for a state that is leading the way in new foreclosure filings! A bill passed last week by the Florida legislature offers efficiencies and advantages to banks that may launch a major increase in foreclosures in the state known for its volatile real estate market.  The only thing standing …

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Daytona Beach Mortgage Professionals

Drowning Postcard1

Attention Mortgage Professionals Create a new profit center for yourself while helping your former clients! Recently a colleague who happened to be a mortgage professional contacted me asking what we could do to help them with their clients who were unable to qualify for a refinance of their home. They felt sorry for the homeowners that they helped in the past …

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REO’s VS Short Sales- Valuations are the Key!

 V A L U A T I O N   I S   C R I T I C A L Historically, a real estate owned tag indicated that a property was discounted. The explosion in the number of REOs in Daytona Beach became a great way for investors and consumers to purchase properties for a steal. However, this is not always …

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Survey: 80% of Strategic Defaulters Want to Return to Homeownership:


Daytona Beach Short Sales   The American Dream of homeownership has been resurrected among strategic defaulters, a foreclosure agency stated in a recent report. After surveying previous clients, YouWalkAway.comfound nearly 80 percent expressed a desire to purchase a new home again within the next 12 months. explained it’s common for previous customers to desire homeownership since interest rates are low …

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A short Sale is Damage Control for the Homeowner!

A SHORT SALE IS DAMAGE CONTROL FOR THE HOMEOWNER When the owner of a property owes more than what a property is worth and they have for whatever reason, fallen behind on their payments. The bank holding the mortgage may agree to accept a settlement offer (aka a short sale) in exchange for releasing its lien on the property. There …

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Mortgage Professionals with Dead Refi Leads!

Daytona Beach Mortgage Modifications

Mortgage Modification Customers who failed to Qualify now have another Option! Attention Mortgage Broker and Bankers: Interested in making thousands of dollars from your dead refi leads? If so keeping reading…… Are you tired of your refinance leads not working out? Let us show you how to create a new profit center from dead leads and still help your clients …

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