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REO’s Or Short Sales?


What Side of the Fence are You On? Historically, a real estate owned tag indicated that a property was discounted. The explosion in the number of REOs became a great way for investors and consumers to purchase properties for a steal. However, this is not always the case anymore We have seen the news that last year’s home prices nationwide …

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Short Sale Standards for Military Personnel in Daytona Beach, Florida


US Servicemen Eligible for Short Sale help! Lenders offer cash payments once a borrower wants to pursue a short sale, said former Air Force officer George Chung, senior vice president of Wells Fargo Home Lending.  The incentive offered by Wells Fargo is generally about $3,000, Chung said. That’s over and above the bank’s agreement to allow the house to be …

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Learn Short Sale Investing

Hey there,I’ve been getting a ton of question’s emailed in about the video that JeffWatson has released about why it’s so important to learn his new method. If you haven’t watched the video yet then please do so by clicking here I want you to imagine that you’re just about to close a short sale that you’vebeen working on for …

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Don’t Run From Foreclosure!


WARNING: IT COULD BE THE WORST MISTAKE YOU EVER MAKE!   This may be hard to believe, but lenders are caught in a web of their own making, and taking back your property is a net LOSS for them, not a net gain. Bottom line, your lender doesn’t want your house. No matter how many problems it may be causing …

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