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Is the Housing Recovery for Real in Daytona Beach, Florida


Is supply Raising Demand? For months, I have mentioned in passing the potential impact the so-called “shadow” inventory might have on the housing recovery and residential investors in general. While everyone knew this inventory, comprised of homes with loans more than 90 days past due that have not been foreclosed and upon and are not on the market, existed, it …

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Is Short Sale Flipping Illegal?

FL Foreclosure

How the DPC is effecting change on a Congressional Level For those of you who are unaware. The Distressed Property Coalition is a private advocacy effort dedicated to private market solutions, smaller government, and protecting taxpayers. DPC educates and advocates in support of policies consistent with these goals to achieve a private market solution to the housing crisis. Representing the …

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Short Sale Investing In Daytona Beach, Florida

Is your loan backed by the Government? Now that things have changed, and changed in a big way as far as working short sales, you need to know from the beginning if the loan you are going to be working on is a GSE loan or not (Fannie or Freddie). Here’s where you can easily lookup to know for sure: …

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Be Prepared: New Fannie and Freddie Guidelines Are Here

Cardhouse Postcard

  In June 2012, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, at the direction of their parent, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, implemented new guidelines designed to streamline and accelerate the short sale process. And most industry observers expect this will create a significant upward spike in short sales. The guidelines initially focus on two of the major complaints about short sales: …

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