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Does Bankruptcy Mean a Fresh Start in Daytona Beach, Florida?


How does Bankruptcy Affect the Foreclosure Process. Many times we get phone calls from sellers in Daytona Beach, Florida who think that just because they have filed a bankruptcy that they no longer need to worry about their properties or the foreclosures that have been initiated. This could not be further from the truth. Often times divorce attorneys and bankruptcy …

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Short Sale Credit Report Fix


Senator Bill Nelson fights for Short Sale Credit Report fix!   Foreclosures show up on credit reports, locking out many potential homeowners ready to re-enter the market.  US Senator Bill Nelson wants the feds to act on the problem immediately.  Saying the mistake is unacceptable; Nelson said yesterday that he is giving two federal agencies two months to fix what he called a monumental problem. Three weeks …

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Enforcing Compliance with the New Standardized Short Sale Program


20,000 Consumer Complaints and Short Sale Escalations go un-reported to FHFA by the Nations Largest Servicers. Today, the Inspector General of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) released a report detailing Freddie Mac’s failure to supervise its loan servicers for the treatment of consumer complaints. Known as “escalated cases”, these complaints are accusations against services generally concerning the following: failure …

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A short Sale is Damage Control for the Homeowner!

A SHORT SALE IS DAMAGE CONTROL FOR THE HOMEOWNER When the owner of a property owes more than what a property is worth and they have for whatever reason, fallen behind on their payments. The bank holding the mortgage may agree to accept a settlement offer (aka a short sale) in exchange for releasing its lien on the property. There …

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3 Ways to Sell Your Problem Property NOW!


Facing Foreclosure in Daytona Beach? Here are 3 ways to Sell your Problem Property Now!   While attempts have been made to verify information provided in this publication, neither the author nor the publisher assumes any responsibility for errors, omissions, or contradictory information contained in this document. This document is not intended as legal, investment, or accounting advice. The purchaser …

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The Top Seven Financial Pitfalls Of Foreclosure


The Top Seven Financial Pitfalls  Every Homeowner Facing Foreclosure Must Avoid The foreclosure process is perplexing, even for those experienced in real estate. Real estate agents, attorneys, mortgage brokers, title companies, real estate investors and other real estate professionals all have differing views on the foreclosure process and what is the best route to take when a homeowner faces this …

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