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This page was created to help assist our agent partners in understanding our process, the documents that we use and why we use them! The first thing we would like you to understand as an agent who is focused on making pre-foreclosures a major part of their business is that you are now working in the “World of Negative Equity” and all of the rules have changed.

Short Sales are very complex in nature and have a lot of moving parts. They take an advanced skill set and a lot of team work to get them completed in the best interests of all parties involved. We have spent years building, training and continuing to train our team members to help keep them informed on the latest changes taking place throughout the pre-foreclosure industry. If you are a Broker looking for a proven streamlined solution to help train your agents and get more short sales completed while ensuring you are in compliance with the latest state and federal regulations. You have come to the right place!

Understanding that there are certain laws and regulations that will effect how agents handle their day to day tasks when working with distressed sellers especially here in Florida is important. Having the proper mindset and understanding of “Fiduciary Duty” and whom proper disclosure must be made to and when could make all of the difference between successfully getting the short sale to a closing or not.

Working with an experienced investor who is already familiar with the process and knows how to create a win-win situation means you will never need to worry about your buyer walking in the middle of the process.


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The first thing everyone needs to understand is that when a lender forecloses on a seller it places the seller in an adversarial situation much like a divorce. As such it is very important that we are careful about the type and amount of information we share with their lenders, lien holders etc. If you have not already done so please read the two documents on the right ‘Navigating the Short Sale Legal Jungle” and “The Fiduciary and Legal Responsibility of Agents Involved in a Short Sale” so that you understand how we think and the approach that we take when working with a seller who is in distress or default.

The amount of distressed housing inventory in certain markets across the country is at an all-time high. Broadcasts, headlines and the blogosphere are saturated with doom and gloom news of the foreclosure pipeline and its effect on home prices and neighborhoods.

Foreclosures are Rampant.

As of March 2013

48% of all houses “on the market” are in some state of foreclosure: pre-foreclosure, short sale and bank-owned, according to RealtyTrac.

14 million homeowners have no equity, according to Zillow in Q3 2012.

Another 8 million have very little equity. They are 95% – 100% Loan to Value.

Another 8 million have near no equity. They are 90% – 95% Loan to Value.

Total estimated is 16 million with less than 10% equity.

According to a Wall Street Journal Article, economist Nouriel Roubini, you’ve probably seen him on CNN, says the housing market is in a double dip. “11 million households are already in negative equity and 8 million more have an LTV btw 95 and 100%. Thus even a 5% fall in home price will push an extra 8 million in negative equity with risk of millions walking away from their homes.”

The Credit Crunch is still Crunchy!

If not personally, I know you know someone close to you who’s been hit.
(That’s OK. I’ve got the solution to conquer the crash and take charge of your own economy.)

But for those of you who are smart enough to look at the big picture, you’ll see that this translates into a 24-48 month window of opportunity to make some significant money working in pre-foreclosures. The added benefits include helping people avoid foreclosure and helping neighborhoods avoid the decay that accompanies vacant bank-owned properties.

“The average new foreclosure is not started until the homeowner is more than 365 days behind on their payments.” – Mortgage Bankers Association (This is a slick accounting maneuver by the banks. If they don’t start foreclosure proceedings they don’t have to count that property as a non-performing asset so their balance sheets look better than they actually are.)

“The volume of serious delinquencies and foreclosures over-shadowed the number of foreclosure sales by 50:1.” – Core Logic – (This means that for every property that is actually selling via foreclosure there are 50 more that are seriously delinquent right behind it.)

• Number of properties that are 30+ days past due, but not in foreclosure = 4,187,000
• Number of properties that are 90+ days delinquent, but not in foreclosure = 1,921,000
• Number of properties in foreclosure pre-sale inventory = 2,164,000
• Number of properties that are 30+ days delinquent or in foreclosure = 6,350,000

“There are more than six million properties in distress, a third of those have a bank foreclosure initiated.” – National Association of Realtors.

If you are a licensed Realtor working with a distressed Borrower / Seller as their listing agent, it is imperative that you educate yourself on short sales to better counsel your customer and consummate a successful transaction. We believe that educating the seller and setting the proper expectations is the key to a successful transaction. We have gone to great lengths to help assist you in this endeavor in order to make this process as smooth as possible.

Identifying a legitimate short sale situation and establishing rapport and trust with a customer is the first thing you do at any listing appointment. This situation is no different, except that you must take additional time to ask the uncomfortable questions to determine if a true hardship, inability to pay, and lack of equity exists.

Avoiding a foreclosure and possible deficiency judgment should be the seller’s highest priority as this will help them become eligible for a new government backed loan within just a few short years as opposed to 10-20 years if the lender actually forecloses.

We can provide you an immediate, 
all cash offer and negotiate a true win-win outcome
at no cost to the seller or the buyer!

Meanwhile we make you look like the expert

that is getting these deals done!


Our team of professional negotiators will provide their years of expertise to negotiate the best possible terms on behalf of the seller. Even when there is a second mortgage that refuses to cooperate our negotiators know how to handle them to reach a settlement using the latest consumer protection laws in your favor. As a last resort, since you are working with a professional real estate investor and when it makes financial sense we can bring more money to the table in order to help resolve the lenders dispute.

If You haven’t already, please read the following two documents!

They will help you better understand the core principals our company was founded upon! 

Navigating the Short Sale Legal Jungle

The Fiduciary and Legal Responsibility
of Agents involved in a Short Sale