4 Our Value Proposition


Our Value Proposition

We take a Distressed Property and Turn It into a Non-Distressed Property.
One that is priced right so that it can sell quickly while giving the Seller a Fresh Start in Life!

What separates us from our competition?

We are willing to do whatever it takes to get the deal done when others will simply quit and walk away!

  1. We can provide an immediate “All Cash” Offer with “No Contingencies“!
  2. Access to Our Team of Full Time, Professional Negotiators who are specifically trained to support you.
  3. Our negotiators have  a proven track record of getting the seller a Full Release with No Deficiency Judgments.
  4. We have a 90% success rate and there is no cost to you or the seller!
  5. You will earn a full commission plus bonuses and never need to speak with the bank again.
  6. We allow you to do what you do best, sign new listings and sell houses!
  7. Why struggle with short sales when we have a better solution for you!
  8. Ask yourself this are you generating revenue sitting on the phone talking to banks all day or would you rather be out in the field signing up new listings because you have a competitive advantage over your fellow listing agents!
  9. You are now working with an experienced short sale investor who is ready to buy the property, is already familiar with the process and has a proven track record for getting these deals closed.
  10. Never worry about your buyer walking ever again or loosing another transaction because the buyer was unfamiliar with the process.

Ask yourself this one single question!

If it is priced correctly will it sell quickly?

Why not partner with a real estate investor who specializes in liquidating distressed real estate in volume? One who already has proprietary systems in place with a team of professionals who have been specifically trained to support you and complete the short sale transaction as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Unlike working with retail buyers who are unfamiliar with the process and often walk before the short sale can be completed. Retail buyers often become impatient and easily distracted when they locate non-distressed properties that they purchase today without going through the long drawn out process of a short sale.

Another great advantage of working with an Investor who is making an All Cash offer is that we can always improve our offer without getting a new loan or pre-approval for a higher amount from an institutional lender. When the lender is being difficult on granting a full release or insisting on a seller contribution we can negotiate with them to buy out any promissory notes so they are willing to grant a Full Release even if we have to improve our offer to get it. We can do so because we have created a spread in the deal and can pay the contribution on behalf of the seller from our profits. A retail buyer wouldn’t even consider this.


Here are just some of the reasons we can help you become the local area expert in your office place.

  • I will make an offer on every short sale property that you bring me (as long as it meets my criteria). Unlike other agents, you will no longer need to list the property and wait to secure an end buyer while your seller inches closer to a potential foreclosure judgment and possible auction.
  • I will make an immediate “All Cash” offer with “No Contingencies” that will be taken seriously by the bank. As an unrepresented buyer you will capture both sides of the commission.
  • To ensure that everyone understands how we are purchasing the property and that we have a legal right to list and sell the property, contingent on an acceptable short sale acceptance letter from the lender. We record a “Notice of Purchase and Sale” to make sure all parties are aware of our Equitable Interest. We believe in full disclosure of our intentions.
  • You continue to market the property at a competitive price that will attract a buyer in 30-60 days. You will have full control to reduce the listing price until you start to get showings.
  • We have a team of professional negotiators with plenty of experience in getting the job done. We will immediately submit a professionally compiled Short Sale package that includes a purchase contract with us as the buyer along with a “Proof of Funds Letter” letting the bank know that this is a serious and legitimate offer. I will deal with the banks and let you do what you do best- Market the Property.
  • Once we have completed negotiations with the lender and you have found a buyer, we will exercise our Option with the seller and move towards closing two back to back transactions, using our title company whenever possible. Because our preferred title company does many of these transactions, they have no difficulty preparing a short sale closing and handling everything efficiently.
  • We will close our short sale purchase with the seller for cash and title will pass to us. 
  • We will then close with the end buyers per their approved method of financing just as with any standard closing and title will pass to them.
  • We make sure the buyer’s lender is apprised of the process, too. When the buyer obtains a title commitment, there may be an exception listed as “Notice of Contract for Sale and Purchase.” This is not a Land Contract, lease/ option purchase, or any condition other than notice that it is the intent of the parties to convey fee simple interest in the property to the Optionee, i.e. the Investor.
  • All documentation is available to all parties and we make full disclosure of our intent to purchase the property via short sale and re-sell the property for a profit. Some GSE Affidavits no longer allow this so we have reserved the right to step out of the transaction and get piad for releasing our “Equitable Interests” which is fully disclosed to the lender.
  • You will receive a normal commission on the sale to the end buyer as well as a commission, as approved by the lender, on the short sale.
  • Oh, I almost forgot the most important part. Our services are FREE! There is no cost to you or the homeowner to utilize our services. If we don’t close your Short Sale we don’t get paid!
  • You will have direct access to our negotiators and we will keep you informed and up to date during the entire process.

How would you like driving to your next short sale listing appointment knowing that you already have a solid buyer who is waiting and ready to sign a contract on the property? Knowing you will never have to deal with banks and possibly make twice your commission on each and every short sale listing. Call today and let us know you are ready! We will schedule an appointment to discuss everything in great detail and answer all of your questions.

Let us do what we do best – Buy, Negotiate and close Short Sales!

So you can do what you do best – Sign New Listings, Sell Houses and Earn  even Bigger Commissions!

Negotiating files is not the best use of your time when you should be focused on revenue generating activities like listing properties. We can help you capture new listings because you have an all cash buyer in place ready to make an offer.

If you would like to know more, we can forward our complete agent instructions for our program.

Best Regards,

Douglas P. Heise

Real Estate Liquidators


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