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Real Estate Liquidators Announces Training Partnership with Local Brokerages!

Florida’s top real estate investment company specializing in helping homeowners navigate the complex world of pre-foreclosures by educating them on the many options available when seeking a fresh start by avoiding foreclosure, Real Estate Liquidators Group llc, has today announced their partnership with several new brokerages in an effort to train their agents to better deal with distressed homeowners who have fallen upon difficult times.

As a proud member of the “Distressed Property Coalition” a DC Lobbying effort that was formed to represent the interests of Real Estate Brokers, Agents, Investors, buyers and sellers in order to provide Private Market Solutions to the nation’s housing recovery. The DPC was instrumental in effecting legislative changes at the congressional level in order provide private market solutions to the nation’s housing crisis.

Real Estate Liquidators has developed proprietary solutions that have a proven track record of working and getting results. With a long history of helping struggling homeowners and real estate agents understand the complex nature of short sales. Douglas Heise has established himself as the go to person when it comes to providing private market solutions to the local housing crisis affecting our community.

As a local industry expert, coach and trainer with a proven track record of getting results to create a true win-win solution for all parties involved. Douglas Heise has equipped real estate professionals and brokerages, with progressive marketing techniques and best practices for generating business in the world of pre-foreclosure.

As experienced real estate investors we work directly with homeowners in distress and assist them in exploring and understanding their options when navigating the complex world of short sales. Our programs are designed to help them get on with their lives and financial recovery free from the burden of foreclosure.

According to Douglas Heise, owner and acquisitions manager, the training will be geared toward equipping these agents on how to properly help home owners who have negative equity in their homes. Agents need to understand that once they have entered the world of negative equity that all of the rules have changed. The agent’s fiduciary duties now go beyond the scope of what they were taught in realtor school when dealing with homeowners in distress.

The agent’s fiduciary duty is to the homeowner and often that means providing solutions that are outside the box. Agents were trained in realtor school that their fiduciary duty to the seller is to get the highest and best offer for the seller’s property. However, after carefully reviewing the sellers financial situation and understanding that there is little to no equity in the property to cover the existing mortgages, liens, judgments, closing costs and commissions.

The agents duty is now to inform the seller that they need a new exit strategy. The agents fiduciary duty now becomes seeking the offer that is most likely to succeed which is not necessarily the highest and best. This is a contradiction to what most agents are trained in realtor school and forces the agent to put the sellers best interest before the agents even if that means making less in commissions. Since the seller is clearly not going to benefit from the transaction financially it is far better to put the seller in a financial position to buy a new home sometime in the near future.

In this situation the agent has two choices.

  • List the property at an amount that covers all of the closing costs as outlined above even if that means letting the property sit on the market for an extended amount of time while the seller is moving closer and closer to a summary judgment, foreclosure auction and possibly a following deficiency judgment. Who do you think that seller is going to blame in the end when all of this could have been avoided? Had the agent taken the time to become better educated on alternative strategies they could have better advised their seller to take a more aggressive approach.
  • The other option of course is to price the property correctly and get the property under contract immediately with a team of experts who specialize in these types of transactions. Once a Notice of Default has been filed it is in the seller’s best interest to take immediate action. With a limited amount of time with which to get results, choosing the wrong buyer in which to work with could mean starting all over if there remains enough time before a summary judgment approaches and the property is sold at auction.

In the end the agent looks like a hero and gets testimonials and referrals from the seller resulting in additional business.

During training, the agents will be exposed to information that will help make them more effective in allaying the fears of homeowners who have fallen upon difficult financial times as a result of job loss, divorce, relocation or even possibly a death in the family that has resulted in a long term financial hardship preventing them from maintaining their current mortgage.

The “Positive Results Conversation” is the first step in properly assessing the homeowner’s current financial situation and development of the “Hope Filled Blue Print” which is phase one of our proprietary solution and ending with the “Fresh Start Formula” that helps the homeowner with re-establishing their credit.

As a result, the agents will be equipped to help home owners better understand that foreclosure isn’t just something that happens to irresponsible people who ignore paying their bills. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone as a result of unforeseen circumstances that cause people to get behind on their bills,” says Douglas.

Often the seller when considering their options may be contemplating many foreclosure alternatives or possibly even a bankruptcy.  Overwhelmed with too many options many choose to stick their head in the sand in hopes that it will just all go away. Luckily for them this is our team’s specialty and where we focus our efforts. Properly educating the seller is our top priority and avoiding a foreclosure with a possible deficiency judgment should be the seller’s highest priority.

A short sale gives the seller leverage once they understand the transaction from the lenders perspective. Foreclosures cost money and often result in tens of thousands of dollars being added to the lenders losses. Short sales are accepted by lenders because it makes financial sense to them and stops the bleeding.

According to FHA, successfully completing a short sale with a true financial hardship will help them become eligible for a new government backed loan within just a few short months as opposed to 10-20 years if the lender actually forecloses. Often time’s sellers completing a short sale are now in a better financial situation and no longer need to complete a bankruptcy. Such was the case of our most recent customer Sherry who gave this great testimonial.

“Therefore, as a home owner who is concerned you’ll not meet your payments and fearing foreclosure could be knocking on your door, then it is you for whom our agents are being prepared to help in allaying your fears,” notes Douglas, whose company has been utilizing private market solutions to help solve the nation’s housing crisis since 2007 by assisting homeowners in avoiding foreclosures.

The company provides services and assistance at no charge to the homeowners, particularly those who are currently facing foreclosure and looking for solutions. Our recent partnership with several local brokerages means that the agents whom we train can now offer more value to their clients. By helping their clients put this difficult situation behind them, it puts them into a better position to buy a new home in the not so distant future.

Homeowners can quickly become familiar with their options at no cost by visiting the company’s website or call for a free consultation at 386-235-7464.

Unlike utilizing a law firm, we never charge a fee for our services and we have a team of professional negotiators with over 10 years of experience working on your behalf until we have a solution that is satisfactory to you.

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